Rob Langton

Rob Langton is a Director of Ready Media Group (RMG), Australia's leading property media business, and has played a key role in the company's ongoing success. With a deep understanding of the commercial real estate landscape, Rob has helped position RMG as the go-to platform for investors and developers across the country, leveraging his extensive network and expertise to drive growth and build lasting partnerships.In addition to his work with RMG, Rob has also established himself as a prominent figure in the Australian business community through his creation of "The Interview" series in 2016. This innovative program has featured in-depth profiles of over two hundred of the country's most successful and influential business leaders, covering topics ranging from private equity and corporate finance to real estate investment and philanthropy.


Natalie Moss

Natalie Cooney Natalie is an Executive Director of her family business Boston Global and has an extensive background across; Health & Science, Innovation & Technology, Events & PR, Investment Banking, Energy, ESG and Philanthropy. In addition, she is Chairperson of the FSHD Global Research Foundation, sits on several global medical advisory boards, co-founded two medical biotech’s, established the Australian FSHD Research Alliance, Parliamentary Friends of FSHD, a National Disease Patient Registry and is an advisor to a global vitamin health care brand. Natalie lives a multi-dimensional life splitting her time between her young family, a family business, managing investments and her passion for philanthropy. With a global lens she drives transparency, accountability, and creativity on all that she touches.


Michelle Price

Michelle is a Partner with EY Australia and one of the world’s foremost experts in cyber security practice, developing and shaping the foundational elements that make for a successful emerging tech industry. She has extensive experience in government departments, including the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, where she led the development of the world's first National Security Strategic Risk Framework, played a pivotal role in the delivery of three National Security Budgets, and was instrumental in developing of Australia's first national cyber security strategy, released in 2016. With a deep understanding and extensive experience in the field of cyber security, Michelle is uniquely positioned to provide valuable insights into complex and highly sensitive issues surrounding the protection of health data, with a focus on ethical, transparent, and collaborative approaches.


Ramona Roach

Ramona is the Principal of Ethika Group, an innovative and open-minded advisory firm that is dedicated to transforming professional services in a manner that aligns with the world's growing demand for positive change. Drawing inspiration from her experiences as a parent of two active children, Ramona is deeply committed to enhancing the lives of sick children and harnessing the potential of technology to benefit future generations. Drawing upon her extensive 20-year tenure in the field of ethical rights law, Ramona will offer invaluable insights into the role of humanity in an increasingly digital world. Specifically, Ramona will explore the impact of AI and its potential effects on both the Australian healthcare system and constitution, all viewed through the unique dual lens of a mother and accomplished advisor. Ramona will shed light on the complex and multifaceted relationship between technology and ethics through her expert analysis, providing crucial guidance for individuals and organisations navigating this rapidly evolving landscape.


Mark Bouris AM

Mark Bouris AM is one of Australia's most influential entrepreneurs, having made a significant impact on the financial sector through his disruptive business models. As the founder of Wizard Home Loans and current Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road, Mark has a proven track record of challenging the status quo and upending traditional banking practices. However, his charismatic and curious nature extends far beyond the world of finance, as he is deeply committed to helping foster the success of the next generation of entrepreneurs. In addition to his business pursuits, Mark is also a member of the board for the Sydney Roosters. Mark will delve into how professional athletes can leverage technology to optimise their physical performance, reduce the risk of injuries and concussions as well as increase their overall longevity in the field. Mark will offer valuable insights into the intersection of technology and sports medicine, which will shape the future of the industry for years to come.


Scott Magargee

As the Co-Founder of Springbok Analytics, Scott Magargee has played a pivotal role in the development of an innovative AI-based 3D MRI technology that is set to revolutionise personalised care for human musculoskeletal health. With a focus on objective analysis of human muscle, this groundbreaking technology represents a crucial missing piece of the precision medicine puzzle, offering never-before-seen data to care providers, patients, and athletes. His work stands as a testament to the power of technology that drives innovation and synergies across a wide range of industries that link elite sports, rare diseases and surgical procedures. Scott will explore the ways in which AI can contribute to ongoing research into athletic performance, longevity, and healthy aging. Through visionary insights, Scott will map out the future of the healthcare industry, driving meaningful change and improved outcomes for millions of individuals worldwide.


Natalie Cooney

Natalie Cooney is an entrepreneurial philanthropist at heart. Having grown up with FSHD ....


Dr Scott Baker

Dr. Baker graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1999. In 2007, he completed ....

Emma Weatherley

After her diagnosis of FSHD in her early 30’s, Emma’s desire to understand her condition led ...