Inception – 2020: As of 30th June

$11,353,283 Total Tax Deductible Donations

A 100% MODEL

The FSHD Global Research Foundation is a pure Australian not-for-profit organisation investing 100% of all tax deductible donations funding both basic epigenetics and therapeutic clinical trials, establishing drug developments to prevent muscle wasting. With a global footprint on science, our award winning structure relies on non tax deductible revenue and sponsorship to support all overhead expenses.

Traditionally, 100% of all cash tax deductible donations are allocated to current or future medical research investment, grants and educations. The Foundations operating expenses are covered by other non-tax deductible fundraising activities such as sponsorship, events, campaigns and auctions. As a result of COVID-19 and the cancellation of the 2020 Sydney Chocolate Ball, our operating model for the 2020 financial year sits at 90%.