The process of developing treatments and a cure is usually a long and convoluted. The power of the biotech industry is to fast-track research progressing ideas into the clinic and ultimately to treatments in a fraction of the time traditional medical research takes.

Globally there are now several biotech companies working in the area of FSHD. This is a game changer for this disease. Biotech can expedite the research process turning the good ideas generated by researchers working on FSHD into effective treatments.

The main difference between traditional medical research and biotech is the ability to approach the challenges of developing treatments for FSHD through the lens of a business model. These two approaches are complementary, this synergy helps to fast-track our goal of overcoming FSHD together.

The Foundation is excited about being part of this research revolution. If you would like to learn more about which biotech companies around the world are working on FSHD, please contact the Foundation.