By leaving a gift to the FSHD Global Research Foundation in your Will, you are ensuring that we can continue to fund world class medical breakthroughs and ultimately change the lives of future generations who suffer from this disease.

Australia is considered the third most generous countries in the world. Help us to get up to first place! FSHD Global is part of a national initiative Include a Charity to encourage more people to leave a gift in their Will, increasing the funds invested in the charitable sector and thereby increasing the positive impact these organisations have on our society.

A bequest to FSHD Global will allow surviving family and friends to track which medical research projects your bequest gift has been directed to, read the progress of the medical research project and to meet the researchers at the annual FSHD Science meetings all via the ‘FSHD – Find the Cure’ app or through our website.

For more information about bequests to FSHD Global, download our Bequest Fact Sheet, email FSHD Global on or call our office on (02) 8007 7037.