A clinical trial is a type of study that uses humans as the subject. Clinical trials can be studies that are trying to understand a disease process in humans, such as the recent study into bone health in people with FSHD funded by the Foundation.

Clinical trials humans to test a particular treatment or medical test. For a medicine or medical test to be considered OK for people a rigorous series of trials needs to be performed. These trials need to show that the medicine or medical test works – does it make the symptoms go away or improve? The trial needs to show that the medicine or medical test is safe – does it make any other symptoms appear or become worse?

These trials obviously need people to volunteer to be part of them. This is not a decision to make lightly. While every effort is made to ensure people who are involved in trials are exposed to as little risk as possible, the very nature of a trial means that there are still risks. Clinical trials involve new medicines or medical tests and sometimes the effect in people can be unpredictable.

How can I take part in a clinical trial?
FSHD Global will periodically post information on here about clinical trials that may be looking for participants in Australia.Before you make any decision to be part of a clinical trial it is important to discuss this with a health professional you trust.

For more information about clinical trials see Australian Clinical Trials website.

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