“From little things, big things grow. Don’t underestimate the impact your donation can make”

Why Workplace Giving?

Workplace Giving is an increasingly popular and effective way of engaging your employees andfor your company to make a positive social impact. It’s win-win for your company, youremployees, and your favourite charities. As a company, you will get greater staff engagement, productivity, satisfaction and retention. Your reputation as a socially aware company will drive business. Your employees will be able to give in a smarter, tax effective and strategic manner. And charities enjoy regular funds and strong partnerships with your company and workforce. Did you know that 86% of employees say their company’s workplace giving program makes them proud to work there? So why wait? Make a difference today!

Here’s how to get started:

1. Define your program

  • Will you focus on pre-tax payroll giving only?
  • Will you match your employees’ donations to double your social impact?
  • Will you encourage and reward workplace fundraising and volunteering?
  • Will you offer other ways of pro-bono support?

2. Set your targets

  • Aim for at least 50% staff participation
  • Consider adding targets for volunteering days
  • Consider adding targets for pro-bono support
  • If you’d like to match your employees’ donations, set your matching budget

3. Choose your charities

May we suggest: Select the FSHD Global Research Foundation as your favourite charity! Of course you can also:

  • Conduct a staff survey to gain insight into their favourite social causes
  • Consider an employee open choice program, whereby not you, but your employees pick the charities they’d like to support
  •  Use resources such as the ACNC to select charity partners
  • Join a third party online workplace giving platform, such as Good to Give.

4. Payroll Set-up

All current payroll or accounting software can facilitate workplace giving and the process is pretty simple:

  • Obtain the charity bank account and key contact details
  • Set charity partners up as vendors in your payroll system
  • Get your employees to complete and submit a donation form, or authorise donations through their employment contract
  • Payroll simply keys in deductions
  • At month end, payroll sends funds to charity partners via EFT. Be sure to leave a reference for the charity to track where the donations came from.
  • If you are matching funds, determine when your matched funds will be transferred to charity partners (monthly, quarterly, or annually)
  • Charity partners acknowledge receipt of funds
  • Payroll produces a monthly report for you to track the program’s success (participation %, donation amounts per pay period)
  • At the end of financial year, record total workplace giving donations recorded on each employee’s PAYG summary

5. Promotion and Launch

  • Develop simple and enticing messages to get your staff interested in the program
  • Consider a special launch initiative to kick off the program with a bang. Talk to FSHD Global about your launch event. We are masters in pulling off fabulous charity events!
  • Keep the program fresh and fun and run some special initiatives throughout the year

6. Grow your program

  • Review your program after 6 months
  • Do a quick survey for your staff and your charity partners
  • Consider growing it through staff engagement opportunities such as workplace
    fundraisers and volunteering opportunities

7. Enjoy the power of giving!

Case Study

  • Steve earns $80,000 per year. He donates $20 a fortnight from his paycheck before tax so he only pays $13,50. FSHD Global receives $20. Over 12 months Steve has donated $520 but he’s only paid $351. Steve has doubled his impact by asking his company to match his donation, raising his contribution to $1040 per year!