We are proud to announce that the annual Muscles for the Muscles Squat Challenge will be held during the month of May 2021. The aim of this campaign is to build muscles for those who can’t and importantly drive awareness and funding towards finding treatments and a cure for FSHD. Can’t squat – no problem! This campaign is ideal for you to rally up your mates, family and friends to participate in the challenge and build muscles on your behalf.

Over the month of May, we want to collectively achieve over 1 million squats, which represents the number of people living with FSHD globally. You can choose to track your squats daily or plan to supersize a day in May with a 24 hour challenge. How you squat is up to you! There will be prizes up for grabs – with further details to be announced shortly. This challenge is perfect for corporates, gyms, sporting clubs and schools, so stay tuned to get involved!
Want to become a Muscles for Muscles Ambassador? Contact the Foundation for further information on how you can get involved: admin@fshdglobal.org