Rochelle Collis

Rochelle Collis, together with her partner Zoya Wong, own and operate one of Sydney’s busiest cosmetic franchise clinics at Laser Clinics Australia, Bondi Junction.

Rochelle Collis continually advances her knowledge of skin rejuvenation and cosmetic injections to enhance and maintain a person’s natural youthful appearance. Taking ownership of Laser Clinics Australia’s clinic in Bondi Junction in 2012, Rochelle’s invigorating passion now ensures that the clinic trades as one of Sydney’s busiest.

Rochelle is a devoted executive woman, managing an average of 650 clients per week, 20 staff and 5 cosmetic injectors.

Laser Clinics Australia specialises in providing tailored non-invasive treatments that leave you looking your natural best. For full-face rejuvenation, a combination of skin treatments such as Dermal Stamping with Fractional Radio Frequency, skin peels, laser pigmentation removal, and cosmetic filler and anti-wrinkle injections, will leave your skin looking flawless.

Dedicated to driving a new kind of laser, skin and cosmetic clinic, Rochelle has reinvented and reimagined the way in which women and men can go about improving and maintaining their appearance. A desire to provide exceptional client service’ directs her focus with a determination to stay a leading provider in skincare and well-administered cosmetic injections.

Rochelle says “Consumers want results but most of all they want value.”Rochelle has an impressive 14 years of pharmaceutical experience under her belt, in which she developed comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and skin physiology. Between 2006 and 2012, Rochelle worked for international leading manufacturing company Q-Med, the makers of Restylane, in the role of account manager and product portfolio trainer.

This role involved ensuring that proper examination of facial aesthetics lead to nourished skin. She trained medical professionals on the range of Restylane of fillers, skin boosters and skincare to meet market trends and patient desires, including that of filling out wrinkles, increasing fullness in the lips or face, hydration and overall rejuvenation of the quality of the skin.

Rochelle’s skill was cultured from many multiple national and international scientific and aesthetic symposiums. Rochelle worked with University Anatomists, International Plastic Surgeons as well as local Cosmetic Injectors to establish and disseminate new techniques. She adopted new pricing strategies and implemented consumer campaigns on a national level, an experience that has structured the way she runs her clinic to suit the needs of the client.

Not one to sit back, Rochelle seeks the latest technologies and techniques, and provides the key information to keep treatments up-to-date and at an affordable price. She has become a thought leader for the cosmetic industry.

Laser Clinics Australia has been able to offer cosmetic treatments to the masses because of our affordable pricing and dedication to a quality service and result. Quote Rochelle.