Prof. Alexandra Belayew

About: My research topic has always been the study of gene expression and the function of the proteins they encode in relation to human diseases. My group has studied HLTF in the field of cancer and found it acted as a tumor suppressor when normally produced, while it favored cancer progression by overproduction of truncated proteins. We also discovered and characterized DUX4 that causes one of the most frequent hereditary muscle disorder (FSHD) by expressing a toxic protein in patient muscles. With co-PI Frédérique Coppée, we further identified very similar DUX4c and discovered functions for this protein that could contribute to the pathology. We developed antisense tools against either DUX4/DUX4c mRNA as therapeutic approaches to decrease the protein expressions. I have developed a large expertise in popularisation of these fields to the benefit of patient associations.

Education: Masters in Chemistry at the University of Mons-Hainaut in Belgium. Masters in Biochemistry PhD in Molecular Biology.

Current Position
: Head of Department, Molecular Biology, Universite de Mons.