Jessica Dally-Butler

Why are you completing The Squat Challenge?
To help create a community to raise awareness for FHSD so that ultimately it can give relief to those who suffer from this disease.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello! My name is Jess and I am 31. I have been a trainer going on 8 years now and I love empowering women to feel bad ass & confident through strength training. I love living by the beach, mucking around with arts+crafts & singing to old school RNB when I’m home alone cleaning (haha). I am also completely dog obsessed & I love training with weights which progressed to competing in powerlifting twice, which I loved! The bench press is my favourite exercise, my favourite hobby is eating and I am a huge believer in a balanced approach to food & body acceptance!

What is your occupation?
Personal Trainer specialising in strength training for women aka: The Women’s Strength Coach

What’s your favourite squat exercise and why?

The back squat by far because you can load up the bar and it feels totally badass