Ellen Graham

Why are you completing The Squat Challenge?
I am completing The Squat Challenge for a few reasons! For fun, of course! But also to raise awareness of FSHD. I am quite high-functioning, and believe that my career has, and continues to keep me fit and strong. I often just go about my day-to-day activities not even giving FSHD a second thought, and a lot of people would have no idea that I have muscular dystrophy. I guess I want to inspire anyone who is suffering from a neuromuscular condition, to exercise and move.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I live in Brisbane, QLD. I was diagnosed with FSHD in 2018 after a lifetime of misdiagnoses and unanswered questions. I have always been active, being a dancer until my late teens, then becoming a fitness instructor, teaching Pilates, Yoga, Bodybalance, and Bootybarre.
I LOVE being active, and love going to reformer pilates, dance, and circus classes.

What is your occupation?
I have worked in the fitness industry for almost 10 years. I am currently a Group Fitness Instructor and Manager for Goodlife Health Clubs.

What’s your favourite squat exercise and why?
I LOVE all squats! My favourite squat ‘move’ would be pliés in 2nd in Bootybarre. These are like a squat, but in turnout, knees tracking wide. I am still a ballerina at heart!