Muscles for Muscles May 2021


Rally up your mates and join in completing the Muscles for Muscles Squat Challenge and help build your muscles for those who can’t – in honour of the million people living with FSHD muscular dystrophy worldwide.

We invite participants to kick start their fundraising campaign by contributing $20 at the time of registration. Donations received from your fundraising campaign will directly support our quest to find treatments and an ultimate cure for FSHD.

You can register as a participant or create a team here. To join a team, ask the team leader to add you or send you an invitation link. 

How it works:

  1. Register – Register as a team or individual, and set your squat & fundraising targets.
  2. Get Squatting – Track your squats! Challenge yourself: anytime, anywhere, any squat style!
  3. Fundraise and Support – We encourage all our participants to ask their friends and family to support them during the challenge, in support of advancing treatments and an ultimate cure for FSHD.