The Bio-Tech Facio Therapies has been established for and by the people with FSHD, with a single focus to stop the progression of FSHD.  Drugs to treat serious and rare diseases such as FSHD usually come over a long period of time with a hefty price tag.

Bio Tech is the way of the future and modernises philanthropy in that an investor can choose to make a donation to a medical research grant or invest in a business platform with the potential to drive medical research at a faster pace.

Through good governance and leadership FSHD Global welcomes investment into Facio Therapies to rapidly advance potential treatments gaining interest from the pharmaceutical companies assisting with sustainable and affordable drug development for those affected by the disease.

The key event in FSHD is the unwanted production of the DUX4 protein, which set in motion the process that damages muscle cells. Through collaborative research by Dutch scientist Silvere Van der Maarel and US scientists Stephen Tapscott and Rabi Tawil, Facio Therapies has uncovered a pivotal role for the SMCHD 1 protein as a natural repressor for the DUX 4 gene.

Recent Research has shown a proof of principle boosting SMCHD1 levels results in reduction of DUX4. Your investment into Facio Therapies will assist planning for the development of small molecules as treatments for this disease.