Thank you to all of our amazing supporters who contributed to our recent Double your Donation matching campaign. Your generosity and unwavering support during these challenging times, fuelled our campaign to make it a success.

You helped us raise more than $514,000 including Mr Bill Moss AO matching funds of $250,000.

In particular, we would like to acknowledge some of our loyal supporters who donated significant funds to our campaign:


Elanor Investors Group

Philosophy Fitness

Allan Moss

Babak Moini

David and Michelle Dodd

Glenn Willis

Graham Gilpin

Helen McCarthy

Izhar and Katie Basha

Malcolm and Julie Beville

Martin Stack

Michelle Pinker

Natalie Pidgeon

Phillip and Suzy Wolanski

Thomas Rice

Tim Greer and Linley Hindmarsh

This Foundation is led by an incredible man. On behalf of our community living with FSHD, we would like to acknowledge and thank our Founder and Chairman, Mr Bill Moss AO’s for his generous $250,000 donation which became the catalyst for this campaign.

The above lists only some of our key supporters. There are many more hidden names and silent supporters. We would like to personally thank every single person and company who was able to contribute to our funding for new research for 2020.

Your support has enabled FSHD Global to continue to advance critical research in drug discovery, clinical trial readiness, muscle wellness and muscle technology, which will help assist the one million people living with FSHD, globally.

For this we thank you.