Doctor Yi-Wen Chen

About: Yi-Wen Chen, DVM, PhDDr. Chen’s research team has been studying disease mechanisms of FSHD and therapeutic strategies for the disease in the past15 years. Her initial research helped understand the genetic cause of FSHD and downstream molecular changes that contribute to the disease. In addition to continuing the work, her current research involves three additional areas

1) generating animal models of FSHD, which is critical for evaluating potential treatments in vivo;

2) Identifying and evaluating potential therapeutic means, including natural compounds, pharmaceutical agents and antisense oligonucleotides;

3)Natural history and biomarker studies, which is critical for successful clinical studies.

Her projects supported by FSHD Global Research Foundation include:

1)Preclinical studies offiset in and VBP15;

2) Investigating an anti-sense strategy against DUX4; and

3) (in collaboration with Dr. Jean Mah) Natural history and biomarkers study on infantile onset FSHD.