Get planning for this June 20

World FSHD Day is held on June 20 and aims to raise public awareness for FSHD. Few members of the public have ever heard of FSHD, and many affected individuals don’t know that they have the condition. This international day aims to bring awareness of this debilitating disease to the general public and decrease the misdiagnoses within the medical industry not only in Australia but across the globe. Join people all around the world as we come together on June 20th and unite to raise awareness and find a cure for FSHD.

Initiated in 2016 by the FSHD Champions, an international alliance of FSHD advocacy organisations around the world, this day is a fantastic platform for the global FSHD community to unite and create a global footprint for FSHD.

On June 20th, we encourage all of our supporters to change their Social Media profile pictures to the World FSHD Day logo and use the official Twitter hashtags #WorldFSHD and #CureFSHD. Click here to download the official World FSHD logo.

This year we are also asking our community to join us and spread awareness of FSHD and to raise funds by hosting their own fundraiser. No matter how big or small, every effort counts! We encourage you to host a small event such as:
• Morning or Afternoon Tea
• Casual Dress Day or Dress Up Day at your workplace
• School Mufti Day
• BBQ or Sausage Sizzle
• Dinner Party
• Trivia Night.

These are just some ideas of how easy it could be to raise awareness and funds for FSHD. For more information on how to be involved, download our World FSHD Day fundraising kit here or visit the World FSHD Day Facebook event page.