Join our team and start fundraising!

City2Surf will be held on Sunday, August 13, 2017. It highlights the importance of muscles in our bodies. It encourages people of the public to fundraise for a great cause and gets them active and using their muscles to participate in an amazing day out in the sun.

Join our team and help raise awareness and funds for medical research and medical education championing treatments and a cure for FSHD.

1. Register

Whether you are running, jogging or walking, make sure you register as a participant with City2Surf. Get your registration confirmation and your official eTicket so you are ready for the day.

2. Create a fundraising page

Everyday Hero is an excellent platform to promote your fundraising and to receive and track donations. Simply create your page and select us as the benefiting charity. Make your page personal by adding a photo and a story about why you are participating in this year’s City2Surf.

3. Join our team

Once your page is created, join the FSHD Global team. This way, your funds raised will contribute to our total along with everyone else raising funds for FSHD for City2Surf.

4. Keep it interesting

Now that you are all set up, share your page with your network and encourage people to help you reach your goal. Keep your Everyday Hero page updated with photos, fitness updates and your progress. Don’t forget to share these posts on social media and tag FSHD Global so we can share your successes!

Remember, no effort is too small!
Let us know if you need help in registering and we will assist where possible.