Facio-therapies recently announced a breakthrough development in FSHD drug discovery.

What is it?
Facio-therapies have developed a high through-put screening platform that uses muscle cells from people with FSHD and actually measures DUX4 protein levels.

Why is it a breakthrough?
Most screening platforms use cells that are not specific to the disease and readouts that are not biologically relevant such as fluorescence. This is because it is easier to use these cells and measure these outputs.
Facio-therapies have developed this platform to be more similar to human FSHD. It is hoped that by using this platform the potential drugs, or ‘hits’ will be more likely to progress through drug development.

What does this mean for FSHD treatments?
It is an exciting time for FSHD research. There are numerous teams around the world working on drug discovery using various different platforms. This platform from Facio-therapies is innovative and will add to the field of drug discovery for FSHD.
Facio-therapies is the world’s first biotech company dedicated to drug discovery for FSHD and a recipient of the first biotech investment from FSHD Global.