2017 Charity of the Year in the Australian Charity awards

FSHD Global has recently been named 2017 Charity of the Year in the Australian Charity Awards. This fantastic achievement highlights the calibre of the Foundation and recognises our innovation, transparency and commitment to funding world’s best medical research and education of FSH muscular dystrophy on a global scale.

The Foundation has created a banner as an opportunity for our supporters to showcase their affiliation. Please feel free to use it on your company email signatures, websites and social media to show your support.

Download your banners here.

The 2017 Charity of the Year Award is also the perfect opportunity to introduce the Foundation’s work to your employees and initiate a workplace giving program.

Workplace giving is an easy way for employees to contribute a small portion of their pre-tax salary to charity. And what’s more, did you know that many companies match the donations made by their employees? Just imagine, if 10% of Australian workers donated $5 per week through workplace giving, an extra $300 million would be sourced for charities every year. If 25% of these donations were matched by employers, an additional $75 million could be raised for good causes.

Workplace Giving is an increasingly popular and effective way of engaging your employees and for your company to make a positive social impact. It’s win-win for your company, your employees, and your favourite charities. As a company, you will get greater staff engagement, productivity, satisfaction and retention. Your reputation as a socially aware company will drive business. Your employees will be able to give in a smarter, tax effective and strategic manner. And charities enjoy regular funds and strong partnerships with your company and workforce. Did you know that 86% of employees say their company’s workplace giving program makes them proud to work there? So why wait? Make a difference today!

Please contact Vanessa if you would like us to come and present to your employer or staff.