The Foundation is committed to advancing global medical research, education and collaboration to improve quality of life and ultimately find a cure for Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy. Through transparency, accountability, good governance and pure passion we aim to achieve results as quickly as possible.


FY 2008-2016: As of 30th June

*Total amount allocated to medical research grants and medical research education equals 100% of tax deductible donations.

A 100% MODEL

The FSHD Global Research Foundation is a pure Australian not-for-profit organisation investing 100% of all tax deductible donations funding both basic epigenetics and therapeutic clinical trials, establishing drug developments to prevent muscle wasting. With a global footprint on science, our award winning structure relies on non tax deductible revenue and sponsorships to support all overhead expenses.


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FSHD Global is a believer of transparency of all areas of charity, with research and accountability being integral aspects of its organisational culture and structure. We believe there should be an onus on charities to communicate clearly, transparently and consistently about how donations are being spent, which is why in 2014 we built the FSHD - Find the Cure app.

As an Australian first, the App allows every donor since our inception to track their donation and see which research grant(s) their money has been allocated to and provides real time milestones of these grants.

The free award winning ‘FSHD  - Find the Cure’ app is an innovative tool allowing every donor to stay up to date with the latest research developments and follow the research projects their donation has contributed to.  With easy access from a mobile device or computer, the Foundation can now communicate more directly than ever before through push notifications to its donors.  Donors also get the opportunity to meet the researcher who they have supported at annual education programs, and see for themselves just how valuable their donation has been to the research.

As you can see FSHD Global does not operate like your average not - for - profit.