Project Description

Theana Shaw

Theana Shaw

Why are you completing The Squat Challenge?
Because I am a FSHD Warrior. I want to bring awareness to this disease, raise money to help find a cure or at least find out more about it, and who doesn’t love leg day.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Self proclaimed beach bum living the dream. I love the beach and I try to spend as much time in nature as I can. Currently working on reading 15 books this year. I probably spend more time than I should at the gym and Cyclebar but working out makes me happy and helps keep my symptoms at bay. I was diagnosed with FSHD almost 9 years ago and I refuse to allow it to hold me down. I’m a mother of 3 girl, 25, 23, and 19.

What is your occupation?
Government Contractor

What’s your favourite squat exercise and why?
Front squat… it’s a great glute and leg exercise. It allows for range of motion and frankly it makes me feel strong.