Dr Alan Watts


Dr. Alan Watts has had a biomedical career spanning 25 years, with experience in the fields of science, business and technology. Alan has an Honours degree in Science, for which he majored in Chemistry and Genetics, and he completed his Doctorate in Molecular Immunology at the University of Sydney.

Alan has research experience in the general field of molecular immunology and cytokines, and practical experience with biologic manufacturing. He has designed bio-copies of anti-TNF biologic medicines. Alan has published a number of papers and is named on several patents.

Alan’s career has seen him in varied positions, including as post-doctoral scientist at the Weizmann Institute, Israel, as Scientific Director of a Sydney-based biotechnology company, and in the commercial division of pharmaceutical company Merck Sharpe and Dohme. Additionally, Alan has experience in business development, particularly in the context of start-up companies.
Alan currently holds the position of Medical Director in the ANZ division of US pharmaceutical company AbbVie. In addition to being Board member and Chairing the Science Committee of the muscular dystrophy-focussed FSHD Global Research Foundation, Alan gives his time for a second not-for profit medical philanthropic organisation in his role as Trustee of the Wenkart Foundation.