In a short period of times, FSHD Global has achieved great momentum and incredible advances funding the majority or world leading researchers who work tirelessly on various projects to stop this disease. FSHD is a debilitating muscle wasting disease impacting both adults and children with devastating physical and psychological effect. You may not understand this disease, its severity or limitations, yet what you need to appreciate is the part you play in giving a message of “hope” to families affected by this terrible disease, that something is being done to help fund and find treatments for an ultimate cure.

FSHD is often referred to as a rapidly ageing disease affecting muscles and bones of the body similar to geriatric patients. The Foundation’s research on bone density, anti oxidants and muscle weakening are some areas that have helped give a greater understanding for strengthening other rapidly ageing diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

The stepping stones in finding a cure have seen a better understanding of the basic mechanisms, improvements in diagnostics and collaboration with class medical fraternities around the globe.

As a Foundation we are always looking at ways to expand the amount of research we can undertake. Our investments to date have shown the shift towards clinical trial readiness, giving hope that treatments are within reach.