The FSHD Global Research Foundation is proud to launch their new initiative “Muscles for Muscles”. The aim of this campaign is to drive awareness, empathy and support towards finding treatments and a cure for FSHD muscular dystrophy.

As a genetic disease, FSHD affects people of all ages, religion, sex and body type. It does not discriminate, and neither does this campaign! Muscles for Muscles encourages people of all fitness levels to partake in building their muscles for those who simply can’t. It also gives people living with this debilitating disease an opportunity to invite their friends and loved ones to compete on their behalf and raise awareness around the importance of having functional muscle and movement. 

This challenge is bigger than just fundraising, it is personal to the one million people and their families living with FSHD. They need your help to find treatments and a cure.  Join the fun, get involved, and do something positive this year.

100% of all donations received from this campaign will directly support our quest to find treatments and an ultimate cure for FSHD.


Rally up your mates and join in, completing the Muscles for Muscles Squat Challenge to help build your muscles, for those who can’t. This is a month-long campaign which will be run in September 2020. 

Along the way we’ll give you some squatting tips and you’ll also get a chance to raise much needed funds for FSHD Global Research Foundation with some awesome prizes up for grabs!

Why not get your school, gym, clients or workplace involved? Here are a list of ways that you can get them involved and at no cost! Download our brochures below for further information.

The Squat Challenge – Gyms & Trainers

The Squat Challenge – Workplace

The Squat Challenge – Schools & Universities


The challenge can be completed individually or as a team. Set yourself a daily target / team target and get squatting. Complete your squats any time, in any place, as long as you meet your daily target.  Be creative with your squats and share your squat style with us- we want to see how many different types of squats you can achieve, and how!

Over the course of September we want to collectively achieve over 1 million squats! Yes that is a big number but this represents the number of people worldwide who live with this debilitating disease, Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy.

Together, we can make a real difference – sign up today, and set your squat target. Combining your efforts, and funds raised for research we will build muscles for those who can’t!


Registering has never been so easy and its FREE!

Click the image below to take you to our registration page which will provide you all the details and instructions on how to take part in The Squat Challenge. The challenge can be completed as an individual or as a team.


Creating a team is easy. 

Firstly click here to register your team. During this registration process it will ask for you to enter what your total squat and fundraising target is for the challenge. You will then be supplied with your unique URL link in which you simply share wiith your team or anyone else that may want to join via email, social media or a message.  Each member can then share the same URL with their friends and family and ask to support them with a donation while completing the challenge.

We suggest having a team  of 10 people and a maximum of 20. If you feel like your team might be getting a bit too big, no problems at all you can set up multiple teams. If this is the case please note this down in the registration form and we will ensure to combine you as one big team participating in different groups. Example: this may work well for workplaces, schools, club sport and gyms.


The challenge will officially begin on the 1st of September, 2020. You’ll be completing as many squats as you can in 30 days… hopefully beyond your original squat target! For those of you working in a team, you can set a collective team target, or individual target per team member…. It all adds up so keep on squatting to the endline!

Don’t forget to share your squats and progress. Here are our hashtags to use! #muscles4muscles #fshd #fshdglobal #m4msquatchallenge.

For weekly tips and updates on the leader board be sure to follow us on our social media platforms.


Once registered you will be provided with a link that you and your teammates (if in a team) can share. Your page will also tally donations raised, which can create a bit of competition within the team too! Not to mention there are prizes to be won. 

We encourage all our participants to ask their friends and family to support them during the challenge, in support of advancing treatments, clinical trial readiness and an ultimate cure for FSHD. 

**100% of all tax deductible donations generated from the Muscles for Muscles Squat Challenge will help support medical research and education into muscle wellness, muscle technology and an ultimate cure for FSHD. With your help we can continue to fight for a cure, and fast track treatments for our loved ones in the community.

There are two amazing prizes up for grabs for the individual and the team who raises the most donations during the campaign. Be sure to share your fundraising link with your family and friends and remember that you don't have to participate in the squat challenge to make a donation and support this wonderful cause.


5 nights accommodation in a 2 bedroom apartment at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island Fiji.


$1000 Rebel Sport Gift card.

Note: T&C's apply. Click here to view our T&Cs.


As part of the registration process you will have to note down what your total squat target is for 30 days!

As we are trying to achieve 1 million squats worldwide to represent the amount of people living with FSHD we will be tracking a total of everyone's squats!

At the end of each week you will need to enter in your totals (as a team or individual). Click here to view our squat tracker.

If you are a school, gym or workplace that has participated in the challenge by completing squats for a dedicated week or day only that is completely fine. The total number of squats can be entered in once into tracker form.



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