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This call for research project applications is for projects which involve the research and development of potential FSHD therapeutics and FSHD related biotechnology. These projects are encouraged to involve national and international collaborations.

Please send all correspondence to we wish you the very best with your valuable research.

Applications now closed.


3D Muscle Printing Biotech Tender

The Foundation in the capacity of founding investor would like to provide seed capital towards the establishment of an early stage biotech company which would be directed at the development of technology to build new muscle tissue suitable for transplant into FSHD sufferers specifically, but also with broader applications for other muscle diseases/repair of injuries. 

To be successful, the Foundation feels that this would require the integration of technologies such as 3D printing of stem cells and soft gel biomaterials/matrices.  Ultimately, incorporation of CRISPR genetic technology may also be required in order to correct the genetic defect.  However, the Foundation is realistic about how far the technology could progress in the current round of funding.  It is noted that 3D printing of tissue is now a rapidly progressing and exciting field of biotechnology, and that Australia is well placed to capitalise on the technological development in this space.

Applications now closed.


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