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Israel-Australia collaborative research grant

Currently in Australia, and globally, there is a lack of a therapy for FSHD. The lack of any effective treatments for the condition means people with FSHD are facing a life without hope of improvement.

Both Israel and Australia have strong academic ties and a similar heritage in biomedical research.  The Foundation would like to foster research ties between the two countries and leverage respective expertise in order to advance the field of FSHD research.  Therefore the successful application will consist of a collaboration between both Australian and Israeli research groups.

 The Foundation has funds available for projects that will advance the scientific understand of FSHD.

 Applications could include, but are not limited to:

  • Genetic studies
  • Biomarker studies
  • Development of novel diagnostic tests
  • Clinical Studies
  • Basic research studies examining the mechanism of FSHD disease

Therapeutics Tender

Development of new therapies for people with FSHD is the principle aim of FSHD Global Research Foundation. Currently there are no effective treatments and no cure.

As part of the foundations commitment to finding a cure for FSHD we are calling for high quality research projects that address this issue. Projects may be basic science, clinical or translational. However, all must demonstrate the potential for the discoveries to be developed into treatments for people with FSHD. In particular, we will be looking for projects where consideration about the path to commercialisation has been undertaken.

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