There are a number of complications that are associated with FSHD. There is no guarantee that you will experience any of these. However, some of them are relatively common.

FSHD is associated with vision problems. This is more common in children with FSHD. Regular eye checks are recommended.

Heart problems are uncommon in FSHD, but they can occur.

Respiratory issues are also not common, but may occur so regular assessment is important. Night time apnoea may also be an issue. If you are feeling particularly tired in the mornings or experience symptoms like waking up with a headache then it is worth speaking to your health professional about having your breathing assessed while you are sleeping.

Fractures unfortunately are common for people with FSHD. Some of this is because of weak muscles causing poor balance or walking leading to trips and falls. Some of it is due to lower bone density. Prevention of falls involves orthotics, walking aids, or even the use of a wheelchair if you are finding walking difficult. There are also medicines that improve bone density, speak to your health professional about whether you need to take any of these.

Muscle weakness can also cause problems with joints, tendons and ligaments. Sprains and strains are common and can be very painful. Like fractures, prevention involves use of orthotics and walking aids.