The power of workplace giving

Start making a difference today

Does your company have a workplace giving program? Workplace giving is an easy way for employees to contribute a small portion of their pre-tax salary to charity. And what’s more, did you know that many companies match the donations made by their employees? Just imagine, if 10% of Australian workers donated $5 per week through workplace giving, an extra $300 million would be sourced for charities every year. If 25% of these donations were matched by employers, an additional $75 million could be raised for good causes.
Workplace Giving is an increasingly popular and effective way of engaging your employees and for your company to make a positive social impact. It’s win-win for your company, your employees, and your favourite charities. As a company, you will get greater staff engagement, productivity, satisfaction and retention. Your reputation as a socially aware company will drive business. Your employees will be able to give in a smarter, tax effective and strategic manner. And charities enjoy regular funds and strong partnerships with your company and workforce. Did you know that 86% of employees say their company’s workplace giving program makes them proud to work there? So why wait? Make a difference today!

Here’s what Andrew does. He donates $20 a fortnight from his paycheck before tax so he only pays $13.50*. FSHD Global receives $20. Over 12 months he has donated $520 but he’s only paid $351. Andrew has doubled his impact by asking his company to match his donation, raising his contribution to $1,040 per year! Want to join Andrew and need some help in setting up a workplace giving program? Get in touch with us, we are happy to help!

*exact figures are dependent on on the individuals ATO tax bracket.